Boudewijn Witteveen

Virtual and Augmented Reality programmer

Shuffle Puzzle

Made using: Unity 3D

Computer Building Simulator

Made using: Unity 3D


Made using: Arduino

Object Scaler

Made using: SteamVR Plugin in Unity3D C#

Hide & Freeze VR

Made using: SteamVR Plugin in Unity3D C#

BeOne VR Awareness Game

Made using: Unity 3D

Hello, my name is Boudewijn Witteveen. Graduated Game Developer and currently 23 years old. Currently following a HBO-ICT TI (Technische Informatica) study at 'Hogeschool Utrecht' and working on a vr project called 'Infosequre VR Awareness Game' at BeOne Development/Infosequre.

I have worked on all kinds of projects. Multiplayer VR projects like Hide and Seek, Serious single player games like Computer Building Simulator and Shuffle Puzzle and some side projects like the Halo Wars Trailer.

Currently I'm able to work in engine's like Unity3D and Game Maker Studio. I'm also learning to work with Unreal Engine, but I'm currently just getting familiar with the Engine.

The programming languages that I'm able to program in are C++, C#, GML, HTML and CSS, PHP and JavaScript

You can download my CV here: Download