Boudewijn Witteveen

Virtual and Augmented Reality programmer

Hide & Freeze VR

Hide and Freeze VR is a multiplayer game that based on the common children's game mixed with the possibilities of interaction and space in VR. With open spatial audio and some additional rules, it creates a competitive and co-operative social game.

The simple, immersive and social game-play creates tons of player stories!

During the first 2 months of my internship at ImproVive we worked with Unity's build in network system, called UNet. But during some test with more than 3 people in the same game, the game would become instable. Some of the players would be on the wrong position, network messages wouldn't be received, etc. After a while, we decided to change the network servers from UNet to PUN (Photon Unity Networking).

So I started working on it, together with a fellow programmer intern that had some experience with PUN. After working on it for 4 weeks, we finally had a working version were everyone was able to start the game. After that I started implementing the network messages. I had some issues with that, so I ones again asked for help from my fellow intern. After 1 day we had a working base that I could use for the rest of the messages. After I was finished translating the old messages from UNet to PUN, we had a stable version of the game.

In this project, we worked with player specific characters that are linked to the players headset, and controllers, with the help of the plugin called VRIK. We modified the plugin a bit so it's compatible with PUN. As soon as the player is spawned in the game they will be linked locally to your headset and your controllers. Ones they are linked, then the server sends the location of your headset and controllers in the world space to the other players every 8th frame.

Characters head:
For the local player, we make the head of the local player invisible by changing the layer so it's invisible. For the rest of the players they remain visible.

Characters effect:
There are a view special effects bound the player. So are there colliders attached to the players feet that go off if the player moves, so the other players can hear your moving around. This is only for the other players, since it would be too loud if you can hear it yourself. And on the hands are also some colliders attached, so that if your not the seeker, you will be able to unfreeze the other players that have been cought. For the rest, there are also colliders attached on every limb of your character, so that you will be able to get frozen by the seeker, and unfrozen by your fellow hiders. This won\'t be there for the seeker, since he/she won"t need them, because they can\'t be caught.

I worked on this game during my internship at