Boudewijn Witteveen

Gameplay Programmer

Echoes of Silence



Immerse yourself in this eerie supernatural mystery game set in 1980s Japan.

Embark on a suspenseful journey as Yuto, a young man searching for his friend in the haunted city district of Kurokawa-cho. Uncover dark secrets and encounter the paranormal as you explore the dimly lit streets of the abandoned neighborhood. Use your camera to communicate with spirits, find clues in the environment, and solve puzzles that take you closer to the truth.

Personal Contributions

Father Ghost AI behaviour

The father ghost AI has 2 main states. The cinematic state, and the roaming state. The roaming state contains 2 states, the roaming around and dialogue state. The cinematic state is used for the first ghost the player sees. This ghost will remain on his starting point. As soon as the player sees the father ghost in the camera it will move along a spline while the player triggers his dialogue regarding the event. Once the end of the spline has been reached, the father will despawn since we don’t need that version of the father anymore. Once the ray hits the father, the state of the father is changed, causing him to move along the spline.

The other state is the roaming. This state has 2 substates, the roaming around and the conversation state. Once the player interacts with a father ghost that has the dialogue component, and hasn’t been triggered yet, the ghost will remain in his position and trigger its first dialogue. After that, it will rotate towards the player, until it is facing the player, from which point they will rotate their face to keep facing the player, and once that is no longer possible, he will rotate the rest of his body to keep up. This is done in combination with the animation blueprint.

Down here you can see the different states in action through the videos. The video on the left shows the father in its dialogue state during which its head will always be facing towards the player. The video in the middle shows the enemy starting the dialogue with the player, during which it will start rotating towards the player and on completion it will start the dialogue. The final video on the right shows the cinematic state, in which the father ghost will start moving on the spline when the player sees the father ghost